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Sex Addiction Help

Sex Addiction Counseling

In office (in our Colorado Springs, CO office) is convenient and effective.  Couples are helped through critical phases of disclosure moving into the process of recovery, and rebuilding trust in relationships.  We have helped many couples rebuild their relationship and grasp and implement the necessary skills for an intimate relationship.


Individual counseling offers a personal treatment plan for successful healing in your life .  In just one session a counselor can help you understand how you became stuck and how to move toward freedom.  Your counselor can successfully walk you toward freedom that can last a lifetime.


Partners of sex addicts need an advocate to call upon.  Feelings of fear, hurt, anger, betrayal, and grief require a compassionate  effective response.  We provide that expert guidance and direction   We have helped many partners heal through sessions that get them answers to their many questions including: “How can I trust him again?”  An appointment today can begin you personal journey toward healing.

By Douglas Weiss